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Alaska Food Festival & Conference

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The Alaska Food Festival & Conference is an opportunity for presenters and attendees to learn more about -- and engage in -- the various issues affecting Alaska’s food system.  In our third semi-annual event, November 3rd (Friday) will be a food systems conference with speakers presenting on a variety of food security, production, business, and community issues. November 4th (Saturday), will be a fun and educational food festival, which will include Alaska food vendors, taste testing, food demonstrations and hands-on interactive workshops on raising, harvesting and preparing food.

The goals of the conference and festival are to: (1) increase awareness of Alaska food issues among the general population; (2) provide training, resources, and networking opportunities to increase involvement in local food issues by community members and decision makers; and (3) increase connections and build community between the public, Alaska food businesses, NGOs, governmental entities, Tribal entities, and others to support local economic development and innovative solutions.

Questions pertaining to conference/festival details can be directed to Lorinda Lhotka, AFPC Co-Chair at

We look forward to seeing you in November!

-The AFPC Conference Planning Committee