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Other Organizations Working in Alaska

Regional Food System Organizations

Sustainable Girdwood
Sustainable Homer
Sustainable Juneau
Juneau Commission on Sustainability
Kenai Local Food Connection
Ionia, Inc.

Sitka Local Foods Network

Salt and Soil Marketplace (Juneau-based food hub)

Agricultural Agencies

Alaska Division of Agriculture
Alaska Farm Service Agency (USDA)
Cooperative Extension Service, Agriculture and Horticulture

Food Safety

Alaska DHSS, Obesity Prevention and Control Program
Alaska Food Safety and Sanitation Program
Cooperative Extension Service, Health, Home, and Family Development

Alaska Traditional Food and Knowledge

Alaska Native Science Commission: Traditional Foods
Alaska Traditional Knowledge and Native Foods Database
Subsistence Food Safety

Land Use, Conservation, and Zoning

Alaska Farmland Trust
Division of Agriculture Land Sales

Educational Institutions, Programs, and Resources

The Classroom Indoor Garden
Calypso Farm & Ecology Center
Good Earth Garden School
Alaska FFA
Spring Creek Farm
Alaska Master Gardeners Program
Alaska School Nutrition Association
Growing Ester’s Biodiversity
UAF College of Rural & Community Development
Ethnobotany Program
High Latitude Range Management Program
Veterinary Science Program
UAF Cooperative Extension Service
UAF School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences
UAF School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences
Williams Street Farmhouse

Food Producers and Distributors

Alaska Farmers Market Association
Global Food Collaborative
Alaska Diversified Livestock Association
Alaska Farm Bureau
Alaska Grown
Alaska State Grange