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About Us

We are the Alaska Food Policy Council.  Our goal is to create a healthier, more secure, and more self-reliant Alaska by improving our food system.


Our Food, Our People, Our Future

The Alaska Food Policy Council is open to anyone interested in improving Alaska’s food systems. Today, over 175 agencies and individuals representing federal and state agencies, tribal entities, schools, university programs, farmers, fisheries, and food systems businesses are members of the AFPC. The role of the AFPC is to collaborate on mutually beneficial solutions to food systems problems. AFPC’s intent is to provide recommendations and information regarding comprehensive policies that improve Alaska’s food systems.

Goals from our Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Alaska Food Policy Council Strategic Plan 2012-2015 (PDF)

  • Goal 1: All Alaskans have access to affordable, healthy (preferably local) foods.
  • Goal 2: Alaska’s food-related industries have a strong workforce and operate in a   supportive business environment.
  • Goal 3: Food is safe, protected, and supplies are secure throughout Alaska.
  • Goal 4: Alaska’s food system is more sustainable.
  • Goal 5: Alaskans are engaged in our food system.

Resolution to Establish a Food Resource Development Working Group